TGF-β Boot Camp Day

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Join this TGF-β boot camp day which provides you with a crash course on this target’s journey, from core biology and function to TGF-β in oncology, advanced the role in IO to methods for targeting and beyond. This is your one-stop shop for all things TGF-β. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned expert, this interactive boot camp day will bring you up to date on the current state of play of the industry and set you up for clinical success in 2022!

8:30 am Coffee Morning


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TGF-β in Biology & Evolution

9:00 am TGF-β Function in Tissue Ecosystems of Cancer & Immunotherapy


  • It is clear that TGF-β regulation has a vast potential in not just cancer treatment, but across multiple indications. However, with current clinical progress less than hoped for, it is vital to further our understanding of the complexities of TGF-β signaling and pathways
  • With the bifunctional and context-dependent role of TGF-β, this task is easier said than done. This presentation will give overview of our current understanding of TGF-β biology and functioning in the context of IO. Including, understanding TGF-β signaling in different contexts, advancing your knowledge of TGF-β biology and gaining the latest updates in uncovering the functions of this multifunctional peptide

9:40 am History of TGF-β in Oncology – Lessons from Small Molecule Inhibitors of ALK5


  • The field examining TGF-β is not new, but we are only just starting to see progress in the clinic. As this space grows and evolves, it is crucial to look back at what we know about TGF-β in oncology, how it has been targeted before, where the success has been seen and why setbacks occurred
  • Brief overview of the small molecules developed that did not make it to the clinic
  • Recap of the LY2157299 development and results
  • Lessons learned from the clinical experience of LY2157299 (galunisertib)

10:20 am Roundtable Discussion


  • Having had an update on both TGF-β biology and the history of this target in oncology, you now have an opportunity to ask questions, share with and learn from your peers

11:00 am Speed Networking


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Exploiting the Mode of Action of TGF-β

11:40 am Narrowing Down on the IO Role of TGF-β

  • Wanjun Chen Senior Investigator & Chief, Mucosal Immunology, NIH


  • With TGF-β expressed everywhere in the body, the next step is narrowing down our biology and functioning understanding to an
    immuno-oncology context
  • Understand the double-edged sword of TGF-β in the tumor microenvironment as it changes from a tumor-promotor to tumor suppressor depending on stage and cellular-context
  • Explore the interaction of TGF-β with immune cells, fibroblasts and myeloid cells in the TME and how this can vary across tumor types. Advance your understanding of the TGF-β paradox in order to leverage its dual functioning in your immuno-oncology therapeutic

12:20 pm Targeted TGF-β: From Antibodies to Cell Therapy


  • Once TGF-β’s role and function is understood, the next step is exploring how TGF-β can be used in cancer therapy. Assess how TGF-β has been targeted from monoclonal antibodies to oligonucleutides and explore the innovative use of TGF-β in cell therapy.

1:00 pm Lunch Break

Maximizing Therapeutic Potential of TGF-β Beyond Oncology

2:00 pm TGF-β Beyond Oncology


  • TGF-β presents potential outside of oncology with indications such as fibrosis, autoimmune diseases, wound healing and more.
    With the complexities of TGF-β it is important to understand the work going on broadly and uncover any innovation that can relate to and help oncology drug discovery and development as well

Speaker to be announced shortly

2:40 pm Roundtable Discussion

  • Wanjun Chen Senior Investigator & Chief, Mucosal Immunology, NIH
  • Chantal Kuhn Principal Scientist, Takeda Oncology


  • Join this final discussion of the day to discuss the computational modelling of TGF-β pathways, the role in IO and the broad potential of TGF-β. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your peers before the start of the main conference

3:20 pm End of Boot Camp Day