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The Only Industry-Led Event Exclusively Dedicated to Exploring
TGF-Beta’s Role in Cancer Therapeutics  

Building on the success of anti-PD-1, PD-L1, and anti-CTLA4 therapies, TGFβ has shown promising potential to drug developers as the next blockbuster checkpoint combination for novel immuno-oncology treatment. Whilst this complex target has been known for some time, drug developers are finally seeing the potential for anti-TGF-beta therapeutics’ success in the clinic and beyond. With a host of acquisitions across the Biotech landscape, it is integral the community comes together to share their progress, best practices for successful translation, and form vital collaborations.  

This 3- day event will unite the key players in the TGF-beta for Immuno-oncology field, for a comprehensive understanding of TGF-beta’s role in cancer, therapeutic approaches, mechanisms of action, and the latest progress of clinical trials.  

Presenting Companies Include:

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What to Expect From a Digital Meeting

The digital meeting will allow you to connect with these individuals and fellow attendees just like at a physical meeting. 

The online experience will include

  • Speed Networking: Using an algorithm to get matched with other attendees and speakers, introduce yourself, and share a virtual business card!  
  • Round Table Chat Rooms: Share your voice. Debate Topics such as Defining a therapeutic window using targeted PK/PD approach – what are your key challenges? And Technology to Advance Your Pipeline with conference peers 
  • Live Q&As: Ask speakers your burning questions immediately after each presentation, just like at an in-person event 
  • Virtual Poster Presentation: Share your work and our panel will choose a winner to present on day two!