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Welcome to the TGF-β for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit

Exclusively Dedicated to Exploring the Role of TGF-β in Cancer Therapeutics

TGF-β is the unclaimed supergiant for IO, waiting for the efficacy and toxicity balancing act to be overcome. This target holds vast, exciting, therapeutic potential for drug developers – but with the complexity of this target, the field can learn from the recent clinical failures and go back to the basic science to overcome the pressing hurdles.

The 3rd TGF-β for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit united the leading big pharma, pioneering biotechs, and leading academics to cement preclinical and translational confidence to accelerate therapeutics in the clinic.

Key Highlights from the 2023 summit:

Decipher predictive and pharmacodynamic TGF-β biomarkers for patient identification to illuminate the right patient population with BioAtla

Shining a spotlight on the basic science and pathway biology to de-risk and re-stratify drug development programs for future therapeutic success with UCSF

Assessing the clinical journeys to overcome the challenges faced to safely and successfully unlock TGF-β for immuno-oncology with Genentech, Pliant Therapeutics, Scholar Rock, and Duke University

Analyze the opportunity in novel strategies to illuminate new directions to tame the double-edged sword that is the TGF-β pathway with EpicentRx and Morphic Therapeutics

Delve into combinational strategies to balance toxicity and efficacy to supercharge an effective therapeutic through the pipeline with Corbus Pharmaceuticals and The Oregon Clinic 

Presenting Companies Include:

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