Welcome to the 4th TGF-β Targeted Drug
Development Summit

The 4th TGF-β Targeted Drug Development Summit is the go-to event for biotech and pharma companies wanting to expand their knowledge, showcase their research, and network with other industry leaders in the TGF-β space.

Key Highlights

Deep-dive into the different TGF-β combination strategies turning tumors from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ and activating an immune response to achieve positive patient outcomes with Genentech, iOnctura, and Y-Trap

Discover clinical successes in immuno-oncology with better predictive biomarkers, reduced toxicity & increased specificity for TGF-β directed therapies with EpicentRx, Synthis, and MAX BioPharma

Extend the reach of TGF-β targeted therapeutics into the realms of fibrosis, autoimmune diseases and beyond to develop clinically effective medicine for patients faster with case studies from Pfizer and Cue BioPharma.

Spotlight the innovative strategies being employed in TGF-β targeted therapies, including oncolytic viruses, ADCs & nanoparticles to directly target tumors & achieve clinical efficacy with KaliVir Immunotherapeutics & General Nanotherapeutics

Unlock the various pathways of pleotropic TGF-β for a deeper mechanistic understanding to develop more effective and targeted therapies with insights from University of Alabama

Hear what Leaders of the Field Have to Say: