Why Partner?

TGF-β is a multifunctional signalling protein that is involved in cell growth, wound healing, and immune response. Therefore, in many diseases such as cancer, fibrosis, and pulmonary fibrosis, TGF-β is the ideal target for therapies. However, the pleotropic nature of TGF-β means that unspecific targeting, toxic side effects, and lack of clinical efficacy have hindered the development of TGF-β targeted therapies. The field has advanced but no TGF-β targeted therapies have been approved, due to the challenges faced by the double-edged sword nature of TGF-β.

Are you looking to partner with industry leading TGF-β-focused companies to support them in the development of safe and efficacious TGF-β targeted therapies?

The 4th TGF-β Targeted Drug Development Summit brings together industry trailblazers in different stages of development, whether it is discovery, translation, or clinical. This is your opportunity to meet big names in the industry such as Cue Biopharma, EpicentRx, Morphic, and Pfizer, and begin a collaborative partnership with them.

Experts Need Your Help with:


Discovering TGF-β specific biomarkers to follow patient response


Developing better models to aid in translation from animal to human


Toxicology & PKPD services to improve patient safety

discovery stage

Employing immunoassays & structural biology techniques in the discovery stage


Managing clinical trials to achieve success

Who You Can Expect to Connect With:

Attendees by seniority
types of companies