* Please note that the following agenda timings are Eastern Standard Time.  


8:30 am
Join us for a coffee morning to meet your peers ahead of the conference

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

TGF-β in Immuno-Oncology: The Story So Far

9:00 am The Role of TGF-β in the Tumor Ecosystem & Immunotherapy

9:30 am An Overview of the TGF-β IO Market

10:00 am
Morning Networking Break


Meet and connect with your peers in this dedicated networking session.

Preclinical Track

Moving Beyond the Challenges of Preclinical Tumor Models

10:30 am Preclinical Models Reveal Heterogeneous Responses to TGF-β Antagonism & Highlight Potential Sites of Off-Tumor Toxicities

11:00 am Inhibition of Integrin αvβ8 in Combination with Low Dose Radiation Induces Antitumor Effect in Advanced Immune Checkpoint Blockade Refractory Tumor Model

11:30 am Therapeutic Inhibition of TGF-β Mediated Immune Suppression

Clinical Track

The Latest Clinical Advances

10:30 am BCA101, A Novel Dual-Action Antibody Combining the Precision Targeting of EGFR with the Immunomodulating Power of TGF-β

  • Rachel Salazar Vice President, Head of Programs & Portfolio, Bicara Therapeutics

11:00 am Clinical Update on TST005

11:30 am Bintrafusp Afla: What, Why & How?

  • Julius Strauss Co-Director Laboratory of Tumor Immunology & Biology, Center of Cancer Research, NCI, NIH

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

Novel Insights into Mechanisms of TGF-β Regulators

1:00 pm Impact of Dual TGF-β/PD-L1 Therapeutic Blockade on CD8 T Cell Phenotypes

1:30 pm How to Design Targetable Forms of TGF-β

  • Yuti Chernajovsky Emeritus Professor of Molecular Medicine, Queen Mary University of London

2:00 pm Roundtable Discussion

Exploring the Clinical Landscape

1:00 pm Understanding the TGF-β Landscape

1:30 pm Optimizing Clinical Studies to Evaluate Safety & Tolerability

2:00 pm Roundtable Discussion

2:30 pm
Afternoon Networking Break & Poster Exhibition


This scientific poster exhibition is an opportunity to present your latest data and innovation with your peers.

Elevating Innovative Approaches to Regulation of TGF-β

3:00 pm Expression of a TGF-β Inhibitor from an Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus

  • Steve Thorne Chief Scientific Officer, Kalivir Immunotherapuetics

3:30 pm Targeting Autotaxin – A Novel Approach to Interrupt TGF-β-Mediated Pathology

4:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:10 pm End of Day One