Navigating the Efficacy & Toxicity Balancing Act: Assessing the TGF-β Therapeutic Window of Opportunity

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Looking to the Future: The Opportunities in Novel Strategies to Targeting the TGF-β Pathway

8:30 am Assessing the Window of Opportunity Trials in the Era of Cancer Immunotherapy


  • Navigating immunotherapy and early phase clinical trial design
  • Illuminating challenges in developing immunotherapies in CNS cancers
  • Discussing practical aspects of immunotherapy window of opportunity trials

9:00 am Exploring the Clinical Stage TGF-β Fusion Protein Expressing Oncolytic Virus, AdAPT-001

  • Tony Reid Chief Executive & Scientific Officer, EpicentRx


  • Highlighting the safety and tolerability of TGF-β targeting OV, AdAPT-001
  • Using correlative studies for measuring expression in the clinic
  • Discussing neutralizing TGF-β for improving checkpoint inhibitors

9:30 am Combining TGF-β with Checkpoint Inhibitors to Increase Efficacy as an Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic

  • Natalia Blanco Associate Director - Immuno-Oncology Biology, Morphic Therapeutics


  • Understanding the rationale for this combination by exploring biomarker data

It Takes Two to Tango: Delving Into TGF-β Combinational Strategies to Balance Toxicity & Efficacy of Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics

10:00 am
Morning Break

11:00 am Looking Outside the Checkpoint Inhibitor World to Radiation & Immunogenic Chemo as an Effective TGF-β Combination

  • Kristina Young Medical Director - Radiation Oncologist, The Oregon Clinic


  • Evaluating how TGF-β impacts CD8 T cells
  • Navigating how radiation and TGF-β therapy synergize
  • Highlighting the translation of combination therapy

11:30 am Exploring Translational Approaches as the Key Driver to Validate & Support Combinational Approaches with TGF-β


  • Tailoring combinations to phenotypes, the tumor microenvironment, or specific indications
  • Defining the considerations of data requirements, data read outs clinically and how to validate a hypothesis non-clinically

12:00 pm

1:00 pm Discussion Panel: Debating the Promise of Combinational Strategies with TGF-β

  • Rachael Brake Chief Scientific Officer, Corbus Pharmaceuticals, Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.
  • Tony Reid Chief Executive & Scientific Officer, EpicentRx
  • Kristina Young Medical Director - Radiation Oncologist, The Oregon Clinic
  • Natalia Blanco Associate Director - Immuno-Oncology Biology, Morphic Therapeutics

Diving into Delivery & Modality Approaches to Improve the Therapeutic Index for TGF-β Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

1:30 pm Analyzing How SYN101, An Immune Cell Targeted TGF-β Inhibitor, Selectively Blocks Immune Suppression & Restores Tumor Clearance In Vitro & In Vivo


  • Highlighting TGF-β is one of the most immunosuppressive cytokines in cancers
  • Illuminating SYN-101 as a first-in-class, ADC-like molecule that selectively blocks TGF-β mediated immune suppression for cancer patients
  • Accentuating that selective blockade of TGF-β signalling in immune cells restores immune function and drives tumor clearance in vivo

2:00 pm Advancing TGF-β Drug Delivery Approaches for Immuno-Oncology

  • Kamal Dua Senior Lecturer Pharmacy, University of Technology Sydney


  • Session Overview To Be Confirmed

2:30 pm Audience Roundtable Discussions: Unlocking Novel Strategies for More Precise Inhibition of TGF-β


  • This session will facilitate in-depth discussion between participants on their topic table of choice; participants will select a topic, discuss and make notes as a table, and then feedback to the chair and group

  • Topics of discussion to include:

Cell Based Therapies: CAR-T Therapy

Small Molecules Targeting Intracellularly



Systemic vs Local Delivery

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks