Workshop Day | Monday, January 30

Workshop A

Exploring Predictive & Pharmacodynamic TGF-β Biomarkers for Patient Identification to Illuminate the Right Patient Population & Overcome the Translational Gap
9am - 11:30am

Join this interactive deep dive to uncover biomarkers that better stratify patient populations, improve patient response, and discuss how to overcome the translational and clinical challenges to unlock the therapeutic potential of TGF-β for immuno-oncology.

Unmissable highlights:

  • Exploring predictive TGF-β signatures as biomarkers for combination immunotherapy for cancer patients
  • Navigating the microenvironment for patient identification to understand which patient population will best benefit from a TGF-β mechanism
  • Looking at tumor gene signatures to understand who is more likely to respond to TGF-β targeted therapy for immuno-oncology
  • Focusing on using long-term genomic analysis to overcome translational
  • Highlighting the biomarkers being using preclinically in the field and will this effectively translate to clinical studies

Workshop Leader

Jian Chen

Jian Chen
Director, Translational Research & Preclinical Development

Workshop B

Shining a Spotlight on the Pathway Biology to Supercharge Therapeutic Success
12:30pm -3pm

Join this deep dive session to discuss TGF-β pathway biology and to question how to successfully target TGF-β by harnessing 30+ years of TGF-β research and development. What’s the missing piece to guarantee therapeutic success?

Highlights Include:

  • Highlighting structural biological approaches to understand TGF-β latency
    and activation
  • Understanding the role of milieu molecules in compartmentalizing TGF-β
    localization and function
  • Uncovering the effects and production of TGF-β in immune cells, tumor
    cells and stromal cells

Workshop Leader


Stephen Nishimura
Professor of Pathology & Vice-Chair of Pathology
University of California, San Francisco