Lalage Wakefield

Lalage Wakefield

Company: NIH

Job title: Senior Investigator


Panel Discussion: Realizing a Circular Approach to Enhance Clinical Success 9:40 am

Developing a closer relationship between preclinical and clinical investigators Coming back to models to understand mechanisms behind what is seen in human Leveraging feedback from preclinical models to guide clinical decisionsRead more

day: Day Two

Preclinical Models Reveal Heterogeneous Responses to TGF-β Antagonism & Highlight Potential Sites of Off-Tumor Toxicities 10:30 am

A large panel of immunocompetent mouse models of metastatic breast cancer reveals heterogeneous responses to TGF-β antagonism, including hyperprogression responses The panel can be used as a platform for predictive biomarker development A new TGF-β pathway reporter mouse gives a comprehensive view of TGF-β signaling in the adult animal at cellular resolutionRead more

day: Track A - Day 1 AM

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